Qasa works every day to make subletting safe, for both landlords and tenants. Unfortunately, we have had reports of imposters who pretend to be Qasa and try to take your money through fraud e-mails. But it is possible to spot fraudulent behaviour and avoid being scammed. This is our recommended methods to reveal an imposter

1) Make sure you know who is receiving your bank transfer

Payments are always sent to Qasa's Bank giro: 550-3339. When you enter the Bank giro number, your online bank should display the receiver as "QASA AB".

bank info

2) Qasa sends all invoices via Billecta

All matters concerning invoices will be handled by Qasa’s partner Billecta. Consequently, you can always find your invoices on their website starting with "". If you receive an invoice that can't be found at Billecta, please contact Qasa.

invoice example

3) All e-mails concerning payments and invoices will be sent from e-mail addresses ending with or

Qasa communicates with users primarily through e-mail. Therefore it is extremely important to reassure that your invoice is sent from e-mail address ending with either or Please note that it is NOT enough that the senders name is "Qasa" or "Billecta".

qasa emailbillecta email

Imposter fraud example

Here is an example of how imposters will try to get to your money and what gave them away

scam example