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If you have developed a taste for technology and decide do dedicate your career to one of the world’s most innovative industries, Stockholm is the place for you. This Startup Supercity is attracting talents from all over the world, people like Ruairí. An Irishman who decided to relocate, a techie who found a new home in the world’s cleanest metropolis. Here’s a small pinch of his experience.

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Getting a job at Spotify

Ruairí first moved to Stockholm after being offered a job at Spotify, a music streaming service founded in 2006. It’s not an overstatement to say that Spotify has changed the music industry – with over 100 million active users all over the world, Spotify has in just a few years disrupted music and turned into an integrated part of our daily lives. But the company has not just revolutionized the way we think about music, it has also played a central role in shaping the new Stockholm.

Thanks to the success of companies like Spotify, Stockholm has become not just a European, but a global tech hub

But when the time came to pack his bags and board a plane traveling towards the Silicon Valley of the North, Ruairí soon faced the Stockholm housing situation. Where to stay?

Finding a place

Spotify did have a scheme to help Ruairí find accommodation in Stockholm, but this didn’t turn out as easy as he had hoped. So Ruairí turned to Qasa.

The combination of Ruairís well written profile and his new position at well known Spotify, made him an attractive candidate to say the least. So it didn’t take long before Ruairí found himself chatting directly with landlords.

And finally he found a place. The fact that all the legal documentation was provided for him electronically made the process a whole lot easier and he felt safe paying his rent through an agency like Qasa instead of sending money to a foreign stranger. He didn’t want to spend a lot of time moving in since he had work to do! So he used a filter provided on the website, which allowed him to only look at apartments that were fully furnished. He found a place, he found a ready-to-move-into-place, accompanied by a helpful landlord. Finally, he was home.

Making the city your own

Back in Ireland Ruairí needed a car to get anywhere. In Stockholm he can walk everywhere, a prospect he makes great use of, including the 40 minute walk to and from work every day. ”The atmosphere walking through the city is amazing and I love going through the parks all over the place. Also really like a few of the bakeries here. Some of the best I have ever been to. Try to offset them with the walking.”

Take it from Ruairí…

Public transportation in Stockholm is amazing. Don’t worry about about finding a place downtown, just use the public transportation application on your phone. Type in an adress, a place or station and you will receive a simple set of directions!

Don’t delay in getting set up with the The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). The sooner you get a Swedish ID the better. Life here is brilliantly simple when you have it and a bit of awkward when you don’t. Here’s the info you’ll need: Swedish Tax Agency

Don’t think twice about asking your fellow Stockholmer. Every time I have reached out to people for help here I have gotten it. The people here are very helpful and understanding so don’t worry about moving here. Everything will work out.

See you soon!

Ruairís road to Stockholm is only one of many. Whether you come here to study, work or simply enjoy a booming city, help can be found in others. Give us a call if you have any questions concerning housing in general or subletting i particular. Let us show you what Stockholm has to offer!


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