Create and a sign your lease through Qasa and receive punctual monthly payouts from Qasa.

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Tailored lease

Our tool helps you easily generate a lease adapted to suit your rental. Just answer a few simple questions, and let us take care of the rest!

Sign online

Seamlessly sign the agreement online using BankID, then keep it safely stored on our servers. Signing your contract through Qasa means we will keep helping you throughout the entire rental, providing security to both tenant and landlord.

Secure payments

We handle all payments, meaning that we keep the tenant's deposit safe and guarantee the landlord timely monthly rental payments. Provided that you sublet to a person covered by our Qasa guarantee, we will even have your back for two months of missing rental payments in the case your tenant fails to pay! This gives you some precious time to find a new tenant, while keeping your cool. Qasa charges a small fee, already included in the rent shown in the listings. Nothing else is added.

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