How much rent can you charge for your apartment?

Find out how much you can rent you can charge for your house, apartment or room. Welcome to the Qasa Rental Calculator!*

Calculate your rent
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Set the right price

Setting the right price when subletting your apartment can be difficult. “How much can I charge for rent?” is the most common question among landlords. With Qasa's Rent Calculator it's never been easier to get it right from the start when you want to sublet your privately owned home.

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How it works

Our rent calculator is trained on the actual rent levels on signed leases on the market. This means that the calculations are based on the prices that tenants and landlords actually agree on. It considers several parameters including location, rooms, and lease period to give a more precise rent estimate.

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Sublet your place

Qasa is committed to making subletting simple, secure and hassle-free. We help you find a tenant, set up a legally binding lease, and guarantee your monthly rental payments.

*If you don't own your apartment

If you a currently living in a rental apartment in Sweden and want to sublet it you are not allowed to ask your sublessee for a higher rent than you have. You can read more about subletting a rental apartment in Sweden here