It's important for us to offer a fair price for a great product. To rent with the smoothness, protection and security that Qasa offers you must sign your lease on Qasa. If you find a home or a tenant elsewhere you can still get Qasa's services and security as long as you sign your rental lease on Qasa. Set up your lease today with our Lease Builder

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Create account0 EUR/SEK
Publish home listing0 EUR/SEK
Create a lease with the Lease Builder0 EUR/SEK
Get timely payments the 25th every month0 EUR/SEK
Qasa Guarantee - Payments guaranteed0 EUR/SEK
Sublet your home with Effective payout plan5% on the rent*
Sublet your home with Flat payout plan8% on the rent*
Verification of references0 SEK (249 SEK)

*Depending on how the landlord wants to get paid, our fees differ a bit. Since all rental periods and rents differ we have made a tool so you as a landlord can see how each payment plan affects your rental payments. The tenant always pays the same rent no matter which payment plan the landlord chooses.