A tailored insurance

Qasa offers a unique insurance in collaboration with Moderna Försäkringar. This is everything you need in order to have peace of mind while subletting.

sublet your home

A Unique Insurance For You

When you rent out your home, it is important that your tenant signs up for an insurance. Luckily this is something Qasa can help out with, as with everything else!

All Your Personal Belongings Are Insured

Qasa’s rent insurance is offered by Moderna Försäkringar, and it creates a safety net for both tenant and landlord. Even though the insurance is signed up for by the tenant, it covers both yours and your tenant’s belongings. This is a setup that very well summarises our view of home rentals: it should not only feel safe, but also really fair and easy.

Same Cost For Much More

The insurance costs as much as a regular home insurance, even if it covers for both tenant and landlord. The cost is paid to by the tenant.

How It Works

All Rental Agreements that are signed through Qasa can get this offer. We will offer your tenant the possibility to sign up for the insurance when you have signed the Rental Agreement – it hardly gets any simpler than that! The best way to get started is to Sign up with Qasa. Choose whether you want to Sign Up as a Landlord or Sign Up as a Tenant.

More Information

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: insurance@qasa.se