How it works

This is how it works to rent and sublet using Qasa.


Create an account

Get started by creating an account. It’s quick, easy and free of charge!

List your home

A few more simple steps and you’ll have your own listing ready. Make sure to upload some nice photos and write a good description – that will make your listing more attractive, and save you tons of time later on.

Review applications

As soon as your listing is published you can start receiving applications to your home. Qasa gives you a great overview over all interested applicants, making it easy to spot the perfect one!

Get in touch

Once you have found an interesting applicant, start a conversation through Qasa’s messaging function. Take the opportunity to get to know eachother, and maybe to schedule a time to show the house.

Tailor your rental agreement

Have you found your perfect tenant? With Qasa, generating a rental agreement is easy: most information is sourced from your listing and your personal profile and, based on a few simple questions, a tailored rental contract is generated to suit your needs. Once you are satisfied, you sign it online using BankID. Quick and easy.

Qasa handles all payments

From now on, you can sit back and relax. Qasa will transfer the rent to your bank account, on time, every month. We handle debt collection and late payments, you have nothing to worry about!

Also, if your tenant is covered by our "Qasa Guarantee", we will have your back for two months of missing rental payments in the case your tenant fails to pay! This gives you some precious time to find a new tenant, while keeping your cool.


Create an account

Start searching for a new home by creating an account on Qasa. A good profile will increase your chances of standing out in the crowd and catch landlords’ interest, so make sure to fill out all your information with care. You can then apply for as many homes as you like, with one single click!

Creating an account and using Qasa is free of charge, and once you sign a rental agreement you will only have to pay the rent stated in the listing! Qasa does charge a small fee for providing a safe and smooth rental experience, but this cost is already included in the rent stated in the listing. No other fees are applied.

Apply for Qasa guarantee

As a tenant you can apply for a Qasa guarantee. This implies that Qasa will continue paying rent for two months, should the person renting stop paying, while initiating a debt collection process. It is an additional safety net for your landlord, and a way for you to increase your chances of finding a home!

You can apply for the Qasa guarantee on your profile. In order to grant you a guarantee, Qasa will do a credit check through our partner UC.

Find a home

You can now start searching for a home. Use the filter to narrow your requirements, click on interesting listings for more information and apply with one simple click on the “Apply” button.

Keep track of your applications

Track all your applications on the applications page. When a landlord chooses to proceed with your application, a conversation will be initiated in our chatt. You can then ask any questions you might have and schedule a time to view the home.

Sign the rental agreement

Once you have come to an agreement, the landlord will generate a tailored rental contract. You sign it online using BankID, quick and easy.

Payments through Qasa

You can now sit back and relax, just wait for your monthly invoices from Qasa. We will safely handle all your rental payments and keep your deposit protected. With Qasa there is no room for frauds!

Make sure to never pay anything directly to the landlord, and never provide any bank account or credit card information.

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