Your rent is always paid on time with Qasa

Sublet to a person with Qasa Guarantee and Qasa will keep paying the rent for two months even if the tenant stops to pay.

sublet your home

We Guarantee That You Don’t Have To Worry

Qasa’s payment guarantee means that you will keep getting you rental payouts from Qasa even if your tenant stops paying rent. This way you can rest assure that you’ll get your monthly payout even if your tenant forgets or is unable to pay rent. If your tenant stops paying rent will inform you and support you all the way.

Qasa Makes A Credit Check

Tenants at Qasa can apply for the Qasa guarantee to prove to landlords that they are good tenants. By applying for the guarantee you let Qasa perform a credit check. The Qasa guarantee is valid for a year. You apply for it where you Edit your profile

Sign Your Lease with Qasa

All Rental Agreements that are signed through Qasa and the tenant has a Qasa guarantee are covered by this guarantee. The best way to get started is to create an account with Qasa. Choose whether you want to Sign Up as a Landlord or Sign Up as a Tenant

More Information

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