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Qasa offers a new way to find a rental home in Sweden. We will offer leases in newly built apartment buildings all around Sweden. Don't have time to wait? We offer plenty of sublets available for rent today!

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At Qasa we think rental wait lists are pretty inefficient. That's why we have developed smart technology that allows us to fit your needs with available rentals to find the best home for you!

Instead of a wait list we ask for your needs, wishes and references. You can submit references from previous landlords as well as colleagues. We want you to find a rental where you feel at home and want to live for a long time. Join Qasa to get started - it's free!

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Vega Park, Haninge | 48 apartments

Move-in from 2017-12-01Closed


Södra Ladugårdsängen | 88 apartments

Move-in from Q1 2018

Qasa has partnered with a growing number of property developers in Sweden. We will offer a broad variety of new rental homes all across Sweden. Sign up today to get updates on our latest rentals - it's free!

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Vega Park, Haninge48 apartments

Fastighetsbolaget K2A uppför nu etapp 2 med 188 hyresbostäder i Vega Park, i den nya stadsdelen Vega i Haninge. Lägenheterna har ett attraktivt läge med utmärkta kommunikationer – den nya pendeltågsstationen kommer att ligga på bekvämt gångavstånd, bara 500 meter bort.

Lägenheterna är välplanerade med hög kvalitet och standard på både utrustning och material. Köksinredningen kommer från Marbodal och vitvarorna från Electrolux. Badrummet har kakel och klinker och är utrustat med komfort-/golvvärme och tvätt- och torkmaskin. Flertalet av lägenheterna har balkong eller uteplats.

Qasa will offer
1 rooms21,32 apts
1 rooms27,37 apts
1.5 rooms32,5-33,97 apts
2 rooms44,226 apts
3 rooms55,8-57,83 apts
3 rooms76,52 apts

Move-in from 2017-12-01

The application period has ended

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Södra Ladugårdsängen88 apartments

Fastighetsbolaget K2A bygger 88 hyresbostäder i Örebros nya bostadsområde Södra Ladugårdsängen med inflytt i början av 2018. Bostäderna riktar sig främst till paret och den mindre familjen genom yteffektiva planlösningar. Samtliga lägenheter har balkong eller uteplats. I ett av husen kommer även ett garage att finnas. Lägenheterna varierar i storlek från 1 rum och kök till 3 rum och kök med ytor på 24,9 kvm till 65,5 kvm. Lägenheterna har hög standard och en hög boendekomfort.

Qasa will offer
1 rooms24,934 apts
2 rooms52,935 apts
3 rooms65,517 apts

Move-in from Q1 2018

Apply from hösten 2017

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Subletting with Qasa


At Qasa you can also sublet apartments all over Sweden. We'll help you find the perfect place, get in contact with the landlord and sign a proper sublease. We will also protect your security deposit and manage all the payments, so you can relax.

If you sublet through Qasa you also increase your chances to be offered a first hand lease since we can tell that you're a good tenant.

This is how it works

This is how it works!

Subletting is safe and easy with Qasa. The hardest thing is to find us - and that's already a wrap! Join us today and let our smart algorithm do the work. We will present the best available apartments for your needs.

Apply for the homes you want to sublet and wait for the landlord to reply. To increase your chances to get accepted you can also apply for the Qasa Guarantee and submit your references. Once you've been accepted, you can start a conversation with the landlord and get through the details of the sublease and sign it online. Qasa will manage the security deposit and rental payments throughout the whole rental period.

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