Rent or rent out your apartment safely with Qasa

Care-free renting with the security, support and simplicity you deserve.

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Are you thinking about subletting your home?

Relax! We're here to make subletting as easy as 1-2-3. Qasa is by our side all the way - from finding the right tenant to the end of the rental period. Totally free of charge.

A video says more than 1000 pictures

Create a profile or post your home and manage everything from within Qasa. All the way, until move out day, we're with you.

Calculate the monthly rent for your home

Qasa will recommend a rent based on rents on similar homes nearby. That way, you can easily understand what the market rent is for homes for rent.

Now you can sublet safely

Our tools help you find the right tenant or home, create and update your lease, handle payments and all the things you might find difficult when subletting.

Find a reliable tenant

Qasa gives you a great overview of all interested tenants. This makes it easier to find the perfect one. Simple and effective.

Tailor your lease

Quickly generate a lease you can trust, tailored to suit your very own needs. Sign it online.

Secure payments

Qasa handles all payments and the deposit, so you have nothing to worry about. We make sure you get paid on time, every month.